Upcoming Thomson Reuters Product Trainings

Thomson Reuters is committed to providing our customers with FREE continuing education in use of its legal research and practice management products.

This continuing education enhances the ability of the participating attorneys to effectively practice law and represent clients by improving research and/or law practice management skills. As a result, these trainings are often eligible for CLE credit in a variety of states.

We have a number of these trainings happening each week. The current listing of
trainings by date and title is shown below.

If you or your firm/organization is interested in either:

1) attending one of these trainings, or
2) hosting a training designed for your specific needs,

please contact us using the link below. There is no charge for trainings on our products.

I am interested in attending or hosting product training to enhance my skills.

Questions may be directed to clecentral@thomsonreuters.com.

Research Essentials on Practical Law (Webcast to Porzio Bromberg & Newman, P.C.) - 05/31/20225/31/202212:00 PMWebcastDE,PA
Intermediate Research on Westlaw (Webcast to Wicker Smith) - 06/01/20226/1/202212:00 PMWebcastTN
Litigation Research with Westlaw (Webcast to Anderson Kill) - 06/01/20226/1/20221:00 PMWebcastPA
Legal Ethics-Model 1.1: Attorney Competency (Webcast to various firms in my territory) - 06/06/20226/6/202212:00 PMWebcastDE,MS,PA,TN,TX
Intro to Research on Westlaw (Webcast to Farmers Insurance) - 06/07/20226/7/202212:00 PMWebcastDE,MS,NC,PA,TN,TX
What's New on Westlaw (Webcast to Community Legal Services) - 06/08/20226/8/202210:00 AMWebcastPA
Litigation Research with Westlaw (Webcast to Wicker Smith) - 06/08/20226/8/202212:00 PMWebcastTN
Technical Competency for Lawyers (Webinar to Multiple Medium Size Law Firms) 06/09/20226/9/20221:00 PMWebcastDE,MS,NE,PA,TN,TX
Public Records (Webcast to Various MLF & GLLF) - 06/14/20226/14/202211:30 AMWebcastPA,TN,TX
State of Cybersecurity in Legal (Webinar to Various global large law firms) 06/14/20226/14/202212:00 PMWebcastDE,MS,NE,PA,TN,TX
Intro to Research on Westlaw (Webcast to Various MLF & GLLF) - 06/14/20226/14/202210:00 AMWebcastPA,TN,TX
Enhance Your Legal Research Efficiency with Westlaw Edge (Webcast to Barley Snyder) - 06/15/20226/15/20222:00 PMWebcastPA
Advanced Legal Research with Westlaw (Webcast to Wicker Smith) - 06/15/20226/15/202212:00 PMWebcastTN
Legal Ethics-Model 1.1: Attorney Competency (Webcast to Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP) - 06/16/20226/16/202212:00 PMWebcastPA
Research Essentials on Practical Law (Webcast to Gordon Rees) - 06/16/20226/16/202210:00 AMWebcastDE,PA,TN,TX
Technical Competency for Lawyers (Webinar to Various large law firms) 06/21/20226/21/202212:00 PMWebcastDE,MS,NE,PA,TN,TX

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