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What the Best Movie Quotes in History Teach about Legal Ethics
Hollywood script writers probably didn't think they were hiding secret ethics lessons in the most popular quotes from cinema, but the CLE Performer, Stuart Teicher knows they're there. Join him as he shows how famous lines from movies teach us about Rule 8.4, Rule 1.2 and Rule 3.3. more
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Online Format: On DemandDate: 04/29/2021
Partner: Teicher Professional Growth
Online Media Type: Audio
Duration: 1hr 
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The Curious Lawyer: Dog Law
The latest installment of this popular series tackles some fun legal questions on the topic of man's best friend such as: If I get divorced, who keeps the dog? If my dog steps on my phone and takes a selfie, who owns the copyright in the photo? more
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Online Format: On DemandDate: 05/25/2021
Partner: New Media Legal Publishing, Inc.
Online Media Type: Video
Duration: 1hr 5mins
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At the Intersection of Truth and Free Speech: What Happens When Freedom of Speech and Truth Collide?
In this program, an experienced panel considers whether there is an evolving standard of "truth," how the Rules of Professional Conduct and other professional requirements may limit an attorney's freedom to speak, and how the context in which an attorney speaks can provide more or less freedom. more
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Online Format: On DemandDate: 05/07/2021
Partner: The Rutter Group
Online Media Type: Video
Duration: 2hrs 2mins
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