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Reqwired Shutdown
Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is happening with the Reqwired platform?
    • Effective November 2014, Thomson Reuters will not be renewing any ongoing contracts for the Reqwired product. We will continue to support this product until customers' contracts expire.
  • Why is Thomson Reuters shutting down the Reqwired platform?
    • We evaluated several options that might have allowed us to make the necessary changes to develop the current Reqwired platform. Those options, it was decided, were too prohibitive to pursue given the existing architecture of the platform. We want our customers to have a product that more fully meets their CLE tracking and LMS needs.
  • Given that my Reqwired contract will not be renewed, what are my options?
    • We are providing you with sufficient notice of the Reqwired shutdown so that you may find an alternate provider for this service. If you are able to secure a new provider before the expiration date of your Reqwired contract, please contact your Reqwired account manager directly or contact us at 877-539-9532 and we will assist in adjusting your billing accordingly.
  • How can we gather our Reqwired data to share with another provider?
    • Although the upload process may vary according to the provider you select, our Data Export Report is the output from Reqwired that is your best option for sharing your data with a new provider. Below are the steps necessary to run this report. (Before beginning, please make sure all of your data in Reqwired is current.)
      1. Click on the SETTINGS tab at the top
      2. Click on the Data Export link on the left
      3. Under the Activity Filter section, leave the Date After: field blank, make sure the Data Export type: is set to MS-Access, and leave the Selected box blank in the Law section
      4. Click on the Generate Database button at the bottom
      5. Once the Data Export Report has completed running, the date listed to the right of the Data Export hyperlink will show today?s date. You will need to double click on the hyperlink to download your report. (Please note that the Data Export Report may take either a few hours or a few days to run, depending on the amount of data housed in your account.)
    • View a PDF that shows the steps for the Data Export Report.
    • Please feel free to contact your Reqwired account manager or call us at 877-539-9532 with any questions or concerns regarding how to update your Data Export Report.
  • How much time is needed to complete a Data Export Report?
    • Depending on the amount of data housed in your Reqwired account, the time may vary from a few hours to a few days.
  • Does Thomson Reuters have another product that provides this service?
    • West LegalEdcenter does have basic CLE tracking functionality. However, it does not provide the same level of services as Reqwired. For example, it will keep track of the number of courses that an individual has taken, but it is does not send emails containing CLE status reports to individual users. Thomson Reuters currently has no other products to assist in CLE tracking and LMS needs.
  • Is another product in development from Thomson Reuters for this service?
    • While Thomson Reuters is continually evaluating opportunities to better support our valued customers, we are not actively developing a replacement for Reqwired. We certainly reserve the right to return to this market in the future if the needs of our customers are unmet by other providers.
  • Who can I contact to talk about my specific contract?
    • Please feel free to reach out directly to your dedicated Reqwired Account Manager to discuss your options. You may also call us at 877-539-9532.

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