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Authorized Content Partners

West LegalEdcenter brings you continuing legal education programs from outstanding local, state and national content partners right to your desktop.

West LegalEdcenter authorized content partners include:

Financial Poise

Financial Poise, a division of DailyDAC, LLC, offers webinars for three core and overlapping audiences: (1) attorneys and other trusted advisors; (2) business owners and C-level executives; and (3) accredited investors (as that term is defined by U.S. securities laws).

Webinars offer the opportunity to learn remotely, without the cost and burden of travel.

Financial Poise webinars are developed and executed exclusively by professionals who are top performers in their fields of expertise. Our Faculty Selection Team ensures that each panelist is selectively chosen on merit, based on his or her substantive knowledge and ability to teach effectively.

Once selected, Financial Poise panelists work with our Content Development Team to create webinars with accurate, current information.

After our panelists and Content Management Team creates a webinar’s content, our Execution Team works with each panel to assure that webinars are engaging and entertaining. To this end, all panels must follow certain Presentation Guidelines.

Each webinar is presented live and is then made available on demand for people who are not able to attend the live presentation. Our Quality Assurance Team reviews all of our on demand webinars on a regular basis to make sure that information is current and complete. When information is outdated, we remove it immediately.

To find Financial Poise programs available on West LegalEdcenter, click here .


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