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West LegalEdcenter brings you continuing legal education programs from outstanding local, state and national content partners right to your desktop.

West LegalEdcenter authorized content partners include:

Spidell Publishing, LLC

Spidell is a CeriFi company. 

California-based, Spidell has consistently maintained its goal of offering solutions to California tax problems for over 40 years. We are California tax professionals who understand the dilemmas facing other tax professionals both within and outside the state.

We have established connections with California’s five tax agencies and promptly report to you on new policies that the government agencies attach to new legislation. Not only do we analyze new laws, we also explain in simple terms how to use these laws to your advantage.

We actively work for fair and reasonable tax administration and take a constructive role in consultation with state tax agencies to affect policy changes that make paying taxes simpler and easier. When we hear of a problem that affects you and your clients, we advocate for a reasonable solution for both the taxpayer and the government. 


See Spidell's full catalog here.


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