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Milwaukee Bar Association

Wisconsin was only a decade old when the Milwaukee Bar Association (MBA) was founded in 1858. The MBA is the fifth oldest bar in the nation and is one of a handful of ante-bellum bar associations. As the MBA's founders addressed the great Constitutional challenge of the Civil War, they began a tradition that Milwaukee attorneys continue today: developing the legal profession as an essential component of America's democratic infrastructure.

The MBA has a rich history, marked by its early commitment to civic service. Some of what is taken for granted today had its inception in the MBA, including the Milwaukee Law School (now Marquette University Law School) and the Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee. Since its inception, the MBA has successfully advocated for local and state practice standards, ethics codes and lawyer discipline, and licensure, including diploma privilege as it uniquely remains today.

The MBA's current profile includes:

  • Voluntary membership of 2,600 attorneys (50% of the lawyers in Milwaukee County)
  • 13-person elected Board of Directors and an elected American Bar Association delegate
  • Staff of nine professionals
  • Top-notch facility that is available for continuing legal education (CLE) seminars, and committee meetings
  • 26 committees and 19 substantive law sections
  • More than 100 CLE programs presented annually, with 2,000+ attendees
  • Lawyer Referral & Information Service (LRIS) that annually refers 8,300 clients to LRIS program attorneys and provides information to 40,000 other LRIS callers
  • Philanthropic mission that is accomplished through the Milwaukee Bar Association Foundation

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