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Using Public Records on Westlaw and WestlawNext

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The objective of the Westlaw Public Records Seminar is to teach attorneys the available resources and search techniques to research and investigate information on clients, witnesses, experts, companies, property, assets, liens and other filings and publications that relate to both civil and criminal actions.



  • Public Records Search Process
    • Begin with information and draw assumptions.
    • Search available resources to discover information and leads.
    • Validate and confirm information and assumptions; discover new facts; make new assumptions; expand search
  • General Search Tips for Public Records
    • About 25% of public records are online, so the information retrieved is sometimes best used as a compass.
    • Less is more.  Start with a name and use the other information available to verify results or to narrow down results.
    • Name Spelling – try alternative spellings
    • Search Syntax – often a last name (usually wife) is separated far from the first name in real property records, and you may need to use a /5 connector (for within 5 words rather than 2 or 3)
    • Free-Text Search Box vs. Template – when search many alternatives (such as name spellings), template may not function as expected.
    • Permissible Use Requirements – many public records databases require a selection of a permissible use to access records
    • Database Identifiers with “XX” indicate a state-specific database, use the state postal abbreviation in place of the XX
    • Smaller databases cost less than larger, multi-source databases
    • Public Records tab – Add/Remove Tabs link
    • Scope Icons – check the contents of a database before search it
  • Finding People
    • Multibase Searching – PEOPLE-ALL – Searches various people finder records, as well as multi-source executive affiliation records, professional licenses, voter registrations, and death records.
    • Single-Source Databases
      • PEOPLE-NAME: database is used to locate individuals, identify phone numbers, and trace individuals to new addresses based on last known residence information and can be used when a name is known without a full previous or current address.  Last name and state are required.
      • PEOPLE-TRACK: alternative to the PEOPLE-NAME database when a full name and address is known.  Last name and an address are required.
      • PEOPLE-PHONE: this database is used to perform a reverse telephone number lookup, locate owners of telephone numbers, locate individuals and businesses, and verify information provided by an individual or business.  A 10-digit telephone number is required.
      • SSN-ALERT: retrieves records containing the known name and address associated with a Social Security number.
  • Locating Assets
    • Asset Locator (ASSET-ALL or ASSET-XX):  real property, motor vehicles, stock, aircraft, or watercraft owned by businesses or individuals
    • Real Property Records (RP-ALL or RPALL-XX)
      • Access “Links for” tab on the left frame – link to real estate reports and deed images when available
  • Adverse Filings (ADVERSE-ALL or ADVERSE-XX) – includes bankruptcy records, lawsuit records, UCC filing, liens, and judgments
  • Criminal Records Combined (CRIM-ALL or CRIM-XX)
  • Jury Verdicts (JV-ALL or XX-JV)
  • Court Docket Information (DOCK-ALL or DOCK-XX-ALL or DOCK-XX-STCTS)
  • Professional License and Registration Records (PROFLICENSE-ALL or PROFLICENSE-XX) – information on a variety of licensed professionals, such as physicians, dentists, nurses, and attorneys; licensing information from the DEA and FAA; licensing information on commercial entities, such as real estate and insurance agencies; and information from sales/use tax permits.  
  • Business and Corporate Records and Reports
    • Corporate Records and Business Registrations (CORP-ALL or CORP-XX)
    • Federal Employer Identification Number Records (FEIN-ALL or FEIN-XX)
    • Name Availability Records (NA-ALL)
    • Legal Due Diligence Reports (GSI-DDR)
  • Multibase Searching of All Public Records in a State (PUBRECS-XX)  
    • Can search all of the following types of records for a given state:
      • Adverse filings
      • Assets
      • Business records
      • People records

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Practice Areas: Legal Research & Writing
Course Format: Live Conference
Date: 06/12/2013
Category: Premium
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Schedule06/12/2013 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM US/Eastern
Location: Korein Tillery LLC
505 N. 7th Street, Stuite 3600
St. Louis, MO - 63101
United States

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