The Structure of M&A Contracts
by Kenneth A. Adams

West LegalEdcenter and Ken Adams are proud to announce the release of Adams's new eBook The Structure of M&A Contracts.

A clear understanding of how the parts of a mergers-and-acquisitions contract fit together is essential for anyone involved in M&A transactions. M&A lawyers can now consult what is sure to become the essential guide to this subject—Ken Adams's new book The Structure of M&A Contracts. Adams brings to bear on the subject the same insight, rigor, clarity, and practicality that has made his groundbreaking book A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting such a success.

Here's who would find The Structure of M&A Contracts invaluable:

  • Junior lawyers, many of whom receive little meaningful training in the subject.
  • Senior lawyers who wish to keep abreast of cutting-edge thinking.
  • M&A professionals who want a clear and authoritative explanation of how an M&A contract works.

Here's what makes The Structure of M&A Contracts particularly valuable:

  • Because it doesn't address any other topic, its treatment of the structure of M&A contracts is more cohesive than would be possible in a broader work.
  • Rather than simply cataloguing what structures are commonly used in M&A contracts, it identifies those that work best.
  • It specifies what contract language you should use in a given context and what contract language you should avoid; the recommended language complies with the guidelines contained in Adams's A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting.
  • It includes a series of figures that make the analysis that much more accessible.
  • It cuts through the stale conventional wisdom that permeates much of the literature on this subject.


This book will quickly become a go-to reference for anyone in the M&A agreement business. Not only is it one of the clearest and most practical guides to drafting agreements that work, it also provokes and advances the art with suggestions for improving current standards, many of which I believe will be adopted over time. The book is deserving of the highest praise I can bestow—I learned something from it.
-Michael J. Kendall, Partner, Goodwin Procter LLP
Ken Adams has once again produced a work that is both thought-provoking and worthwhile. I highly recommend The Structure of M&A Contracts to anyone who has an interest in drafting better contracts.
-Michael A. Woronoff, Partner, Proskauer

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Copies of this eBook can be purchased by calling 1-800-328-9352.

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The Structure of M&A Contracts
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