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Q:  What is the CLE Mobile App?
A:  The CLE Mobile App was discontinued in December, 2022 due to iOS updates that were incompatible with the existing app. CeriFi is exploring options for the next mobile experience. Thank you for your patience as we work through the details. In the meantime, please continue to enjoy the full WLEC experience at

Q: What is My CLE Knowledge Center?
A: My CLE Knowledge Center is a personalized page on West LegalEdcenter where you can find programs that may be of interest to you and track your CLE credits. Programs are suggested based on your practice areas and license information that were entered during registration. To update this information, click My Profile under My West LegalEdcenter on the left side of any page.
Q: What is My CLE Tracker?
A: My CLE Tracker can be found on the My CLE Knowledge Center page. To set it up, create a current compliance period by clicking My Compliance/Credits under My West LegalEdcenter on the left side of any page. Once set up, My CLE Tracker displays your completed credits and credits yet to be completed for your current reporting period. You can also link to programs that satisfy your requirements, access your complete CLE credit record, and add external credits.
Q: Where can I see upcoming Live Programs?
A: Check the Live Program Calendar on the left side of any page to find dates of upcoming live programs. Click a highlighted date on the calendar to view a list of all live programs for that day. Use the forward arrow to check the next month. To purchase the program, click Add to Cart. To access a month-view, printable calendar, click All Programs for This Month under the Live Programs Calendar.


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