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CLE Mobile
Q:  What is the CLE Mobile App?
A:  CLE Mobile allows attorneys and other professionals to listen to more than 5,000 continuing legal education (CLE) programs on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. West LegalEdcenter has recreated its online experience with the free CLE Mobile app. All of the regulatory safeguards that states require have been incorporated in the mobile environment. This allows you to earn credits the same as you would with an on demand program at West LegalEdcenter. It is not a podcast for self-study credit.

After purchasing or enrolling in available "Mobile Compatible" CLE content online through a free West LegalEdcenter account, courses become available for download to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch through the CLE Mobile app. The app also allows users to manage their profile, including licensing states and registration numbers.
Q:  How much does it cost?
A:  There is no cost to download the CLE Mobile app.  CLE programs on West LegalEdcenter range in price.  You can either choose to purchase single programs with a credit card or purchase an unlimited subscription to more than 7000 courses accessible online or through CLE Mobile.
Q:  When will the CLE Mobile app be updated?
A:  As software updates become available, anyone who has downloaded the CLE Mobile app will be notified via iTunes to download the latest version of the app. 
Q:  How do I access programs I have purchased with CLE Mobile?
A:  To access on demand programs that you have purchased on, complete these steps:
  1. Sign in to CLE Mobile while connected to WiFi.
  2. On the My Programs screen, touch Available for Download.
  3. Scroll through the list of programs to located the program you want to access.

    Note:  You can sort the available programs alphabetically, by course length, or by expiration date.

  4. Select the program that you want to access.
  5. Touch the Download button.
  6. During the download process, you may do one of the following:
    • Select For Credit if you are requesting credit for the program.
    • Select Not For Credit if you are not requesting credit for the program.
  7. If this program is for CLE credit, verify the state information that is displayed and click Continue.
  8. You may be prompted to confirm whether or not you are taking the program from the outside the United States.  Click Yes or No.
  9. Click Continue to verify credit.
  10. Touch Play.

West LegalEdcenter will report your program attendance if required by the state where you are seeking credit once you have completed the program and synced the information to West LegalEdcenter.

When the program is running, you can view program materials in PDF format and participate in a discussion forum (required by North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia only), and submit questions (Alabama, Illinois, Nebraska & Puerto Rico only).  Click the appropriate buttons within the player.

Q:  When I enroll in a program, how long do I have to view it?
A:  CLE Mobile programs may be played up to 180 days after the date of purchase on  One free CLE program is available to mobile users for 60 days after the first use of the application.

Q:  Can I delete programs from my device?
A:  Yes.  Programs may be deleted from In Progress, Ready to Play & Completed Programs in My Programs  Click Edit, touch the red circle, then touch Delete.  You may also swipe the name of the program you wish to delete and touch Delete.

Q:  If I start a program online can I finish it on CLE Mobile (and vice versa)?
A:  You must complete the entire program on the same platform (online or mobile) where the program was started.

Q:  Can I use CLE Mobile on iPad?
A:  Yes.  CLE Mobile is compatible with iPad.  The latest download of the app is designed for iPad viewing.



Q:  Can I get MCLE credit for online CLE Mobile programs?
A:  45 states require attorneys to continue their education to retain their license to practice law (MCLE).  Of these, 44 states currently allow some or all MCLE credits to be earned online.  Each state has its own requirements.

To see your state's requirements and to find out if your state allows MCLE credit for CLE Mobile programs, click the CLE Requirements tab at the top of any page on  Hover your cursor over a state to view a snapshot of state requirements.  Click your state on the map or select your jurisdiction from the State Credits drop-down list for more information.  Credits available via CLE Mobile will be detailed.  To ensure accurate interpretation of the information provided contact your state MCLE authority, shown on the right side of your state's requirements page.

Program information listed is specific to the program and format listed.  Be sure to check the program details page to ensure that the program and format described are available for credit in your state.

Q: What is the credit expiration date?
A: In some states, programs are accredited until a certain date. The expiration date is the last date on which the program can be taken for credit in that state. After that date, accreditation for that state will no longer be displayed. On, click a program title to view the expiration date under State Credits on the right side of the page. Be sure the state is displayed in bold to view that state’s information. In CLE Mobile, program expiration dates are displayed in the Select Credit step.  This date may be different than the date at which program access expires.  Be sure to check the current accreditation status before beginning any program.

Q. How do I access and print my Certificate of Completion?
A. After you have submitted your program information from your iPhone or iPod touch you will receive an email with a link to your Certificate of Completion.

You may also go to, and complete the following steps:

  • Sign onto your West LegalEdcenter account.
  • Click the My Compliance/Credits link in the upper left corner of the site.
  • Click the All Credits tab.
  • Look for the Certificate of Completion link located to the right of the program you have completed.
  • Click the Certificate of Completion link and you will receive your pre-filled Certificate.

Q. I've completed a program on West LegalEdcenter or CLE Mobile but did not receive a Certificate of Completion. How do I obtain one?
A. Please email with the following information:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Title of Program
  • Completion Date
  • Note completed through CLE Mobile

We will respond within 2 business days with information about accessing and printing your Certificate.


Technical Support

Q: What are the technical requirements for the CLE Mobile App?
A: iPhone OS 3.0 or later is required. WiFi Internet access required for setting up a CLE Mobile app account, audio downloads, and submitting courses for credit.

Q: How do I set up the CLE Mobile App?
A: To begin using the CLE Mobile app you must

  1. Ensure that the device operating system software is at least version 3.0.
  2. Download the CLE Mobile application from the App Store. CLE Mobile is available in the Education and Reference categories

    Q: Can I use the CLE Mobile without an Internet connection?
    A: You can listen to and access program materials from CLE Mobile courses offline. After downloading the app, you must first log into CLE Mobile with a WiFi connection and download the initial content to which you wish to listen. After your program is complete you must again connect to the Internet to submit your program information for MCLE credit.

    Q: How big are the program files?
    A: An hour of Audio is approximately 10 MB and can be downloaded on any kind of network, including EDGE, 3G or WiFi.

    Q: Can I share an iPhone or iPod touch with a friend?
    A: You cannot share devices for the CLE Mobile app. CLE Mobile can be used by only one person per device.



    Q. How do I purchase programs from West LegalEdcenter for CLE Mobile?
    A. While viewing programs displayed in My CLE Knowledge Center or a search result on, click Add to Cart next to the program you want to purchase. Audio CLE programs are identified as “Mobile Compatible”. The program you selected is displayed at the Shopping Cart page. Click Continue Searching to find additional programs you want to purchase. When you have finished selecting programs, click Purchase Now in the shopping cart.

    If you have not registered with West LegalEdcenter or if you have not signed in to the site, you will be prompted to do so. A credit card, West LegalEdcenter subscription or promotion code is required to purchase a program.

    Q. How do I search for programs?
    A. Touch Search in the menu at the bottom of the screen.  Enter keyword(s) by typing in the box.  Touch Accreditation and/or Program Topic(s) and make selection(s) to specify jurisdictions and/or topics.  Touch Add to Search to include Accreditation and/or Program Topic(s) in your query.  Jurisdictions set in My Profile are the default Accreditation setting.  Multiple terms are treated as 'and' in the search logic.

    Q. I'm a West LegalEdcenter subscriber.  Can I enroll in programs from my device?
    A. Yes.  Search for a program, touch the program title to view the program details, then touch Enroll.  You will receive an e-mail confirming your enrollment.

    Q. I'm not a West LegalEdcenter subscriber.  Can I purchase programs from my device?
    A. Yes.  Search for a program, touch the program title to view the program details, then touch Purchase.  You will be prompted to enter credit card information.  Up to three credit cards can be saved in your account.  All credit card data is encrypted and stored by West LegalEdcenter; it is not stored on your device.  Promotion codes can be used to apply discounts.


    MCLE Credit Tracking

    Q: How do I know that I have successfully completed a program?
    A: After you complete a program on CLE Mobile, you can rate the program and submit it to West LegalEdcenter for credit. If you are not connected to the Internet, the information will be saved and synced at a later time. After WestLegalEdcenter receives the program information, you will receive an e-mail with a link to your Certificate of Completion.

    Q: How do I find my CLE credits on West LegalEdcenter?
    A: Click My Compliance/Credits on to generate a report showing your progress toward meeting MCLE requirements for each state in which you are licensed.

    Click the All Credits tab to view a complete record of the CLE credits you have earned. This feature automatically adds credit information for West LegalEdcenter programs you have completed and allows you to add external credits from traditional, in-person CLE programs.



    Q: Where can I go for more help?
    A: For help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, please call West Customer and Technical Support at 1-800-495-9378, or e-mail


    Q:  What is a Podcast?
    A:  A podcast is an audio-only version of a program that can be downloaded to your PC or portable music player in MP3 format.  Selected On Demand programs will be available as podcasts.
    Q:  How can I tell if a program is available as a Podcast?
    A:  On Demand/Podcast programs appear on both the On Demand Programs tab and the Podcasts tab in search results.  Each program available in both formats displays both format types on the program details page.
    Q:  Can I buy both the On Demand and Podcast versions of a program?
    A:  Yes, purchase options are available for On Demand, Podcast or Both for selected programs. 
    Q:  How do I download a Podcast?
    A:  Click the Download button in the Purchase/Enrollment confirmation page or in the Current Enrollments section of My Programs.
    Q:  Can I get credit for listening to a Podcast?
    A:  Self-study credits may be available in your jurisdiction.  Please check the Accreditation section on the program details page.  Accreditation information may differ for On Demand vs. Podcast formats of the same program.  Credit for podcasts is only available for the states listed on the details page of each program under Podcast Accreditation.


    Q: What is My CLE Knowledge Center?
    A: My CLE Knowledge Center is a personalized page on West LegalEdcenter where you can find programs that may be of interest to you and track your CLE credits. Programs are suggested based on your practice areas and license information that were entered during registration. To update this information, click My Profile under My West LegalEdcenter on the left side of any page.
    Q: What is My CLE Tracker?
    A: My CLE Tracker can be found on the My CLE Knowledge Center page. To set it up, create a current compliance period by clicking My Compliance/Credits under My West LegalEdcenter on the left side of any page. Once set up, My CLE Tracker displays your completed credits and credits yet to be completed for your current reporting period. You can also link to programs that satisfy your requirements, access your complete CLE credit record, and add external credits.
    Q: Where can I see upcoming Live Programs?
    A: Check the Live Program Calendar on the left side of any page to find dates of upcoming live programs. Click a highlighted date on the calendar to view a list of all live programs for that day. Use the forward arrow to check the next month. To purchase the program, click Add to Cart. To access a month-view, printable calendar, click All Programs for This Month under the Live Programs Calendar.


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