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Elite Litigation Training

The ability to effectively litigate a case is one of the most marketable skills a lawyer can have. Without considerable experience handling litigation cases from their onset through trial and beyond, it is difficult to understand how each piece of the litigation puzzle fits together. For example, an attorney asked to prepare discovery might not understand how that discovery impacts the greater case including the filing of a potential motion for summary judgment and trial. That ability is key and, while it typically takes years to develop, Elite Litigation Training was created to change that.

Elite Litigation Training is a comprehensive civil litigation training course specifically designed to accelerate career success and rapidly increase confidence and competence. The course not only provides attorneys with a detailed understanding of each aspect of the procedural litigation process and mechanism (from initial client intake all the way through trial, appeal, and judgment collection), but also how it is strategically important to the case as a whole. This skill and ability - which would otherwise take years to develop - is critical and attorneys who complete Elite Litigation Training will be able to wield it far beyond their actual years of experience.

Elite Litigation Training courses are led by highly experienced and seasoned litigation professionals who have over forty (40) years of combined experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in civil litigation matters. This background allows trainers to give attending attorneys a unique and invaluable perspective that provides even more insight into litigation strategy and skills.

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