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West LegalEdcenter authorized content partners include:

Federal Publications Seminars

Federal Publications Seminars is the leading provider of continuing education and training for contract professionals. Federal Publications provides you with up-to-date training focused on all aspects of contract creation and management.

In order to provide your firm or agency with the most convenient and efficient training, Federal Publications offers live conferences (both public and private, in-house, sessions), webcasts, books and course manuals. Each year over 125 live events and 25 webcasts are hosted while nearly 90 books and course manuals are in print.

Over the past 40 years, hundreds of federal agencies and global corporations have partnered with Federal Publications to provide employees with recurring in-house training programs tailored to the needs of the organization to improve contract creation, effectiveness, and administration.

Popular programs that can improve your contracting skills and knowledge base:

Live Seminars

· Federal Grants

· Licensing Software and Technology to the Federal Government

· Managing Subcontracts

· Basics of Commercial Contracting

· Practical Construction Law

· Foreign Military Sales


· The Federal Whistle-blower Law After Allison Engine

· The False Claims Act: Learn How to Protect Your Organizations and Clients

· Export Control Compliance for Government Contractors

· Ethics Training and Code Requirements for Federal Contractors

Books and Course Manuals

· Foreign Acquistion Regulation

· Department of Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

· Cost Accounting Standards

In-House Presentations Program

· Content and training customized for your organization

To find a complete listing of Federal Publications Seminars programs available on West LegalEdcenter, click here. To see all Federal Publications Seminars offerings, visit our website.


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