Authorized Content Partners

West LegalEdcenter brings you continuing legal education programs from outstanding local, state and national content partners right to your desktop.

West LegalEdcenter authorized content partners include:

WLEc and Business Counselor Institute

The Business Counselor Institute creates, maintains and distributes a comprehensive portfolio of practical and timely legal and business information for legal professionals and their clients in a variety of formats including books; online infobases, such as the “Business Counselor” page on Westlaw; in-person and online programs and seminars; and newsletters, guides and working papers. In addition, training services are available to businesses of all sizes around the world through relationships with affiliated parties such as West LegalEd Center and news and updated practical information of interest to business counselors and their clients is regularly distributed through the Business Counselor Blog, blogs and e-magazines published by Thomson Reuters Legal Solutions and various social media outlets.

To find out more about Business Counselor Institute visit

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